Running Year in Review 2016
A self-serving look at the ups and downs of my running habit in the year 2016

I started 2016 with a series of distance goals to accomplish, races to finish, and challenges to overcome. While the last few months of the year have seen my numbers drop way down due to injury, I believe I can still be proud of a few accomplishments this year.

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100+ Miles Per Month

I averaged 100+ miles per month, but injuries late in the year prevented me from completing this challenge. Still, I set new month and year distance records.

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Globe Runner
I Got Around
Run Locations in America

From 2 early races outside Sacramento, CA to a trail relay in Zion, UT, to training runs in Chicago, IL, Louisville, KY, and Kauai, HA, and every nook and cranny of Oregon.
I have now run in 12 states and 4 countries in fewer than 4 years of running.

Speaking of Countries

In September I took the opportunity to travel to Iceland for 10 days and tour the entire country in a camper van. This was a spectacular adventure and the trip of a lifetime. I hope to do a lot more camper vanning in the future.

Running Statistics
Statistically Speaking
85 empire state buildings

102,575 Feet
The elevation I gained this year. That's like climbing to the top of the Empire State Building more than 85 times.

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My Longest Race to Date

In April, I had the opportunity to attempt the American River 50 Mile Endurance Run.
I set a goal for 12 hours and I finished in 11:54:55. My toenails never did recover.
I'm eager to continue to push my body and mind beyond every boundary.

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How About 2017?

I'm closing out 2016 with plantar fasciitis and a terribly blown out back that have prevented me from running at all. My hope is to get healthy enough to start real speed work for the first time in my life and set new records for every distance from 5k to marathon.

5k Goal 10k Goal Half Marathon Goal Marathon Goal

4/23 Bend Half Marathon
10/8 Portland Marathon
11/4 Silver Falls 50k
Sub-6 hour Wildwood Trail End-to-End
Run the Enchantments
Finally run the entire Timberline Trail
Start Training for my first 100k

Salmon Falls 50k Race Phil

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